Get Customized SharePoint Intranet

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Many businesses today have realized the significance of fast paced and effective communication and therefore, need to lift the level of information flow at their workplaces. SharePoint intranet services have largely facilitated this need. We at Synthesis Technology are committed to meet the challenging business communication demands and present state-of-the-art SharePoint intranet as per as the organization need. Regardless of whether you are a small size enterprise or hold a large corporate house, we have long believed in customizing solutions. Hence, we present you a dedicated SharePoint intranet, which is Microsoft powered and MS office integrated. It helps you rest assure that the business communication within organization and outside is more reliant, safe and affordable. It also helps to reduce cost,to save time, to increase collaboration, to increases productivity and effectiveness. We Provide customization of Intranet as per as the requirement you have. In other words A to Z customization of Sharepoint Intranet which includes Custom Master Page or template, Custom Webparts, Custom Workflow, Mutiple Page Layouts, Infopath Forms, Timer Jobs, Customization of OOB webparts, etc. SharePoint intranet promises a single point of access for your entire taskforce and smartly links team members with information. In short, this is a must have for professionally managed businesses like yours.

Synthesis World’s SharePoint intranet ready to deliver:

  • Flow of information in your organization gets streamlined as SharePoint fosters steadfast and eminent communication.
  • Inter-department and intra-department information exchange simplifies, as everyone connected to business can archive the desirable information.
  • Internal and External Projects status.
  • You can flash everything, right form tiny announcements to special occasions and from training schedules to achievements.
  • You will be provide a one touch access to information such as HR policies, Employees Leaves status, Upcomiing Festivals Info, etc.
  • Multiple Templates & Layouts available.
  • We will integrate our Intranet Portal quickly; according to your branding or theme.

What is SharePoint Intranet?

A SharePoint intranet portal is a way to centralize access to enterprise information,tools and applications on a corporate network